Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Dear readers,

The Caledon Strand Magazine, issue 4, is already up for you to read.

This has been a very difficult issue to do, both for technical as for personal problems. The in-world version is still waiting to be done, but we couldn't wait more to show people the great articles our writers have done. That's the reason we have upload the PDF version en Calameo to all of you to read and enjoy!

The Fourth issue will also be the last one for Miss Alexx McLaglen as editrix. Due her new obligations as Victoriana Librarian and her constant travels, she can't keep full working for The Strand, so she will pass the Dragon Editrix title to her partner on Crime and cousin, Mrs Zombielady McLaglen, Zee for her friends. Zee will attend the writers and new collaborations! Ms Alexx will remain as writer and to take it easy between travel and travel!

And now, please, enjoy the Strand!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dear friends,

here is the 3th issue of THE STRAND, the Christmas special edition. Click down to go to Calameo for a better look of it!

We will send you an in-world magazine for you to enjoy it in SL.

Have a good time! And Merry Christmas to all!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Dear readers,

I know it seems almost impossible, but finally we have been able to fight againts RL and to win! The Caledon Strand Magazine is ready for all of you to download its PDF version and enjoy reading the great articles and tales our neighbours wrote for us.

The in-world version, alas, is not already arranged. I hope you will forget us for the delay.

That said, I must say we're already working in the Christmas issue, and all writers and journalists are cordially invited to contact Alexx McLaglen or Zombielady Mclaglen in-world (via notecard, please)if they want to share their talent with us in the next Strand.

That's all for now. Enjoy the reading!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Strand #1 is available again

Dear readers,

The wonderful Miss Saffia Widdershins made me notice the link to download the pdf version of THE CALEDON STRAND MAGAZINE #1 had expired, and suggested me to use another place to put the magazine for you to download it or to read it online.

This is the new link:

The Caledon Strand Magazine #1

And stay tuned because the first week of August will see the 2nd issue of The Strand!!

While waiting for it, please, don't hessitate and read the excellent Primgraph. You can find it at:

The Primgraph #1

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Dear Caledonians and Steampunk and Victorian friends.

The first issue of The Caledon Strand is already in SL. You can find givers of the magazine in Caledon libraries, around the HUDS or in the vendor in The Strand Headquarter in Caledon Cay, near the HUD to the right.

But for all of you that would prefer a version to read in your computer, there's a PDF version. Is our first issue, so we had some mistakes and sadly the PDF doesn't have the best resolution, even if it can be readed easily than the in-world copy. We will make it better next time!!

We hope you like this magazine, there are 80 pages of our neigbours' art for you to enjoy.

The Caledon Strand Magazine #1

And remember, if you want to be part of our staff, just contact us though this blog e-mail or go to SL and send an IM or note to Alexx McLaglen. Issue 2 will be launched to the end of july, just for you to have good reading stuff for summer! So we're looking for submissions for it. JOIN US!!